Man is a social creature; Other men all the time that the Corporation can survive not only as needed. He added in addition to contact people. The part of the telephone communications are the most popular. In the 19th century as a way of billions of calls daily from people all over the world as an integral part. Every day millions of people know your friends and family to pursue social activities around them, to use the phone. During a period of humanity with the phone, the greatest gift is considered one of the mobile phones.


Dr. Martin Cooper is considered the first NTT; Started in 1979 by a company called first cellular network in Japan, market, mobile network is one of the most popular are Vodafone, Elenore, Mobi Link, spices, etc. It was a status symbol for the category, but tentative technological advances the previous high cost of mobile phone, the nine and an opportunity for market prices, all within easy reach.
Cell phone use increased in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in six years, I thank you very much. The latest sophisticated devices that offer text messaging SMS, MMS, email, Web browsing and a lot of these types are equipped with a wide range of services.

Nokia has several brands of mobile phone Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and other phones, 3 G, a variety of questions and answer phones, every aspect of the country. Prices vary these phones thousands of rupees 80,000. Now, like the old cell phones are sites were considered. . All the affected age group; Popular to prepare and send to business presentation Android exploited people still use and remain permanently anywhere.

Young people are crazy for using a smart phone, entertainment and make them talk, you know, the music for the movie or movies, the cat, later became a source of fun for 3 g mobile phones, you always have your family and friends can connect to social networks such as Facebook, Google, Skype, use the new Twitter etc box Fritz for companies including Dell Marketable laptop is famous for Windows people All entertainment, with the mobile phone has some disadvantages as well. Students can focus their research in cellular companies, providing many more crimes and rape registered are also used by people who abuse until late into the night to break Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in particular on another serious problem is claims of terrorist activities against the use of cell phones for the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is quite amazing. Although easily mobile Phones have our lives to a great extent, it saves time and money, I mean bad, utilizing cell phones or other technology.

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