He excavated the BlackBerry Smartphone business

BlackBerry Smartphone businessThe shocking revelation. A new interim Chairman and CEO, according to the latest update of the BlackBerry plan (NASDAQ: BBRY) still focuses on software and business services.

Retired as CEO John Heins, appointed interim CEO Chairman of the Board of the BlackBerry and Chen, according to the report. Noteworthy is that Chen, former CEO of Sybase software company Charter.

Previously, the company had a sales representative of the BlackBerry in the negotiations. I think management would give up on sale now; instead it. It's also his group of investors, including the largest shareholder in convertible bond issues raised $ 1 billion through, Fairfax securities holdings. The potential buyers of the BlackBerry Facebook, Lenovo, private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP are included such as.

Well! Not so much by the BlackBerry messages at any moment confirmation is hard to say. . Then, when ready, to learn more about it.

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