HP notebook provokes business review 4540S

If you move the article to a laptop if you want a faster processor, bigger storage space is the ideal choice for professional or business, and gain access to HP ProBook 4540. It is a modern and stylish design with reduced functionality, where it provides a good impression. If you can use Compaq for $ 499 for a different feel, a little higher than s 4540 reviews you can select after reading.

We have HP ProBook laptops, most of that is made up of plastic and aluminum, their cases cannot be a 3.2 kg 4540 s first quality construction and give only the appearance of a higher quality, but you can ensure that the most sensitive internal parts for added protection and stability. HP 3D DriveGuard also, 4540 surround was built into the device's hard disk on a Compaq ground damage due to unforeseen events, to protect them from.

Curves are on the back of a more rounded corners displayed 4540 basic unit features a large aluminum plate to add stability, cover, with a twist. Aluminum can ensure continued to prevent the position firmly and also the lid hinges on the spoils of war. As a result, simply open the lid with one hand. When it comes to protecting minors, this film is designed to prevent fluid in the area of the notebook. As is an important ingredient of the sensitive electronics on the downside, the HPProBook 4540 thin Mylar film in color, the impact of the leak is finished nicely polished color the gray stain-and waterproof and comes with an aluminum metal at the end of the HP Dura gives that fresh.


HP ProBook 4540 FT 1 inch, 9.2-inch LED backlit 10.1-inch diagonal width and depth feature HD resolution of 1366 x 9.7-inch anti-glare screen, 768, showcase games and movies in stunning clarity. Even though the battery is suitable for outdoor applications with clarity, it is safe to avoid direct sunlight. Viewing angle stability of the screen quickly, so it is different from the vertical angle, surprisingly photo twitch. However, one of the more generous horizontal viewing angle.


There are also other HP laptop keyboard like 4540 s. He adapted to the primary key of the 15 x 15 mm shells and includes moderate reductions.

Touch pad

HP ProBook 4540s of 93x53mm, multi-touch sufficient space for its size and synaptic touchpad including: small LED in the upper-left corner of the pad with your finger, you can simply pad twice over has led to its status as indicated. The touch pad is a small mouse button and short press text in hand a bit deeper.

Product features

HP Compaq business notebook 4540 3 Intel Core i3-2.4 GHz processor 3110 M speed, cache memory 3MB. Intel Core i3 processing power 4-way Smart Computing, Intel graphics HD HD when needed for your device, you can provide additional graphics power. Another feature of the primary memory is 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM 4540 ProBook, expandable up to 16 GB.

Hard drive 500 GB providing ample storage device read/write times. In addition, the integrated Intel HD graphics, HP ProBook 4540 4000 webcams, check the lush images in high definition, dual array microphone to chat more comfortable, you can send a clear and unified and video speed, send your friends and family.


Compaq 4540 includes a number of ports, connect, devices, and network connections as in your home or Office for the use of the device. Two-port USB 3.0 connection options, such as Compaq, 4540 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, card reader, headphone/line out, stereo microphone, 802.11 b/g/n WI-Fi, Ethernet port 10/100/1000 wired. Support for SDXC, MMC slot in their multimedia reader, SDHC, MMC, memory stick SD +. -Onboard Realtek 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN RJ-45 connector ensures easy and quick connection to the Internet line. But the links to the Internet by WI Fi 1 x 1 position (802.11 a/g/n), you can connect withoutwires.

The operating system

People need a new laptop but don't want to work in Windows 7, as well as the purchase of HP ProBook Windows 7 Professional can help you decide 4540s as shown below. The main advantage is 4540 ProBook s upgrade CD for Windows 7 and. Even though the update is optional and will be done, if you want to use it in the future. Man, combat and traps

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