Open hardware: enterprise information technology for new Chief

Open the "new hardware" and for IT professionals

The Open computing project is a disturbing event, shopping, a technology company for several years and is an expert's dream. The hardware expensive operating costs 3 x the results, reliability improvement of 40% less, 20% improvement in scalability, fast upgrade cycle is much better for the environment dramatically. Quite a lot of people the benefits of this great new hardware and data center while he commented and, consequently, safer for the world to a stranger may not be aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, it is good news as IT is the alienation of the hardware provider for the corporate network clients don't pay, they don't need it, you can do well in the end. The Greenwich seat in San Francisco, it was the last week in September 2013 America's Cup celebrated the intent of all of these things are blocked, Bacchic Oracle Oracle West, appears to be on the South side of the Bay and in Giants Stadium since the end of the world-all in one way or another Oracle client

There are a few specific details on the benefits of open computing:

Less expensive hardware

All hardware is ridiculous. If you do not have those bright logo. They, as well as costs, lead to the air cooling limit. Also, if you had a brilliant performance, maintenance and service complex. Also, just what is important for the performance of the system because all applications via a hardware manufacturer does not have bells and whistles to fit.

Reliability improvements

What's needed, but since prices and fewer line failed and the contains a hardware-optimized components. Suitable for a particular purpose, and further testing of the hardware more stringent.

Create operational cost savings

Less power consumption than lowest cost in comparison. And also, stability and optimized configuration allow a much larger percentage of the technician position.

Improved scalability and fast upgrade cycle

Systems a core component such as a processor by its alienation of means, the size of the memory module (s) to add or replace a new exchange technology"sleigh" can be equated. Updated every 12-18 months in processor technology and recycling. However, the purchase of a staging server many companies collect technical amortization period of three years will prevent the updates for the entire server.

It is better for the environment.

· Hardware for my horses are also less and less waste material e.

· Currently working for reduced power consumption.

In particular, the possible outcomes of a development project, unless instruction’s name of two strategies:

1. As a result, rather than the traditional OEM Server customers, better results will benefit all, including the company.

2. Positive results in less traditional server hardware and they still participate in the paid gigs, or tournament, losing their yachts Business OEM Golf Company.

The development of an open set, any IT task computing projects followed the expert actively purchases and internal operations and suppliers using the information about what you need to do.

The concept of open technology development of computer technology, service or product to an end user, component manufacturers, many of the parties to provide several benefits for positive development. It is one of the most traditional manufacturers of hardware, but it certainly will be adjusted according to the market. Smart IT professionals open hardware development. Used primarily for large companies from the benefits may seem relatively small, it allows users of this change.

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