Microsoft helps protect your network

If your PC does not have the protection of a firewall, antivirus software, Microsoft, and common sense. For example, if you want to update the network security, antivirus software makes sure that you use complex passwords.

A lot of people their desktops, notebooks, Smartphones and devices to share an Internet connection between two private networks. Also, files, and external hard drives, the network easily and can share resources such as printers. But no other hack, wireless network security or theft, you can file using. May result in damage to your files, you can damage your computer. Here are some tips on how to secure networkssecurity.

Network encryption

The first step to protect your network, set the wireless encryption. This password will give you the kind of person that can be used. Online and you can access network resources. Check hard-to-guess password contains letters and numbers. You should change this password once in a while, more than anything, if you give someone a visit. Must be your router's default password to change the password for each router manufactured by the same company is usually OK.

Certain devices on network

On the network, you do not need to access to others, and it can connect only to a specific device, it is recommended that you configure the router. Needs to be collected, you are trying to connect to (the MAC address is the unique range that is assigned to the numbers and letters), the individual units of the MAC address. This type of network, Internet, or an approved device to access network resources because you need to set the password.

Log on as administrator.

If you have a router or a network administrator, virus or other malicious program, more access to the system will be at the computer. If you are a network administrator, you need to log on, or install a new program from time to time, while if you want to change the settings, set the login you use every day. This is a virus or hacker breaking into your computer and restrict access to help.

Firewall configuration

Firewall with malware hackers broke into a computer system to help block. In General, using the Internet, you'll need a firewall on your network, if you do not, make sure that you have a malware infection. You will need to update the firewall. You can do your own firewall, routers, but can be installed on the user's computer, please bear in mind that.

On a computer that has antivirus software installed

Even firewall, certain malicious viruses can create your computer from hackers, and a new virus infections. For Windows, if you are using anti-virus and anti-you can find, you can remove this virus. Of course, you need to check the antivirus software completely protects the network whenever there are you up-to-date. Most antivirus software companies are releasing new changes are updated automatically. Ensure that the software updates automatically or manually updated regularly.

Be careful with other networks

Laptop or other portable device you can think of another is often used in the network, keep in mind that this section may not be safe. Personal firewall and anti-spyware software updated, you have a virus in your system after all. And when you get home, it is possible that spread viruses to other computers on the network. Visit a suspicious website or on your network do not download suspicious files.

Enjoy secure data handling

WI-Fi networks, firewalls and antivirus software, you can safely surf the Web and share files on the network. Firewall and antivirus programs, there are many different types, so make sure that you have the best program for you. For example, a good antivirus for Windows XP in Windows 7 does not work. Once you install the program on your computer and all the security updates on a regular basis.

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