RAID technology: key to success of the NAS

NAS storage or network computer is connected to the data type, such as memory, file server where it is stored in memory-related tasks. NAS devices are typically has many advantages, fix-filler, such as faster, easier data access, easy-to-manage configuration. It is mainly the fact that these devices are "redundant array of independent disks, or RAID. Working together to create a common, there are several ways to contribute to the reliability and stability of the NAS RAID and can be used for more effective computer data storage technology.

Redundant array of independent disks RAID disks, basically a neat arrangement. Keep both the independent and the other is a disk file, the operating system can access a single disk. Due to this innovative system is a very effective device, NAS. The word RAID (RAID 1), indicating that the "system" behind it on a number of commonly used. The goal of the RAID system is to provide a balance between: reliability, availability, performance, and capacity. The importance of this goal is the success of the RAID on another important factor. RAID, RAID 0 (RAID 0) reversible protection reads errors is the failure of the entire hard disk.

In RAID, a large amount of data over multiple hard disks as a result of the controls, or you must have some sort of RAID controllers. Other technology includes a wide range of RAID controllers where all employees as a result of an otherwise all come together in harmony.

RAID controller hardware RAID solutions, software RAID device, and RAID-based data cleansing firmware are. Hardware RAID solutions are small components can be integrated on the motherboard. Visit a typical hard drive technical support or fiber channel RAID technology.

Fiber channel is a computer data storage technology for high speed of the connection. In the past, it was mainly the server computer but is now one of the storage service is used to connect to one of the most common types. Device firmware-based RAID because of the high cost of the RAID controller. This is less expensive than the normal speed of the controller includes a dedicated controller. Firmware and driver; Load firmware during initial startup, the operating system will be applied to the drivers.

Another type of software, RAID controller, RAID, Volume Manager supports the configured file systems supported operating systems. Finally, the last visit, the type of data to the RAID controller. Also referred to as read, check the log all blocks of RAID data. This process is not granted, they identify the bad blocks before including them in an attempt to verify each block. This is also the bad blocks on the disk controller.

If you have any account, it is clear that a successful RAID NAS device reliability, and depends on the efficiency of store. NAS devices to contribute to an important reason for the success is the fact that on the Internet or local area network disk files for easy access to state-of-the-art technology that is all about theRAID.

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