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Technology circles, many calls over the 3 g Internet service. It is a known fact, but there are some third-generation "3 g", at the core of this technology means for people to know. . In principle, this initiative of the International Telecommunication Union on the Internet are taken to create a wireless device for accessing the. However, this minimum speed Internet digital subscriber line (DSL) and the comparable mobile Internet access is required. Technical criteria in order to meet the needs of mass language services.

Unlike his predecessor, the second generation (2g) underline-voice applications, chat, call waiting, voice mail, 3 g technology development-Web and multimedia-based applications that allow you to surf the Web, download music, video conferencing, including peripheral technology. But the 3 g network,
access to device data transfer rate at least 200 kbit/s high-speed Internet service and also the popularity of 3 g, with the demand for support. Some of the skills described below, has many advantages:

High-speed Internet access on the go: before the introduction of this technology in high-speed Internet access was almost surreal. Modern mobile technology development, coupled with the blazing fast 3 g, they sometimes travel in surfing the Internet, a good opportunity for the user to.

From the corner: hard-to-install 3 g access wired connection it is easy to find a place. This limited Internet access in rural areas or areas to connect from being to reduce the gap. The speed of Internet service access speed.

All of the rooms are: 3 g devices were predominantly rural people. Although expensive, the LAN connection settings, Wi-Fi Internet access costs less and offers better rates for users. A User communication technology developed as a mobile device, you can get the book in a high-speed connection.

Multimedia: this service offers a wide range of consumer benefits from the two companies and facilitate the use of multimedia applications, experience. Real time video conferencing is fast fast download music, upload and download files can be compared to a wired broadband service.

Staying in entertainment: the Internet user provides a number of ways to entertain. Broadband Internet speeds, availability, network, users can enjoy online gaming, their favorite music or watch movie online Internet connection for 3 g.

Internet 3 g technology gets boost in cities and in rural areas, although there is a place yet this technology will not be effective in a metropolis like New York and San Diego. 3G and 4 g (fourth-generation) networks to improve user services for telecommunications professionals, a more affordable range of hopes mobile broadband service to drive traffic, and increase of interest of experts is the most important. In addition the need to take preventive measures, such as the ecological balance and have negative impacts on the environment, the projector is often harmful radiation.

Go WiFi is a 3 g/4 g provides Web hosting services, and travel, hotels, resorts, airlines, car rentals, travel agents, coaches, and events, and events firm industry.

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