IBM's plans for cloud computing

The aspiration to world domination existential survival combined with particularly impressive.

4 heavyweight technology companies are investing in cloud computing services is translating aspirations: IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the next few years by $ 1 billion a year in their global network is expected to spend.
cloud computing

But more importantly, each company is a large Web-based computer crossed through cloud services may be virtually impossible to develop the technology in line with the two-for deals. Other companies, such as the People’s Republic of China, Tencent's business entered, they must move such as quickly or to come up with something innovative.

IBM's Response? You ain't seen anything yet.

In 2014, Lance Crosby, Soft Layer cloud-computing, IBM bought $ 2 billion, according to a Director of the company, the candidate will participate in this year's series of posts.

Crosby said more than 100 products, such as such as a marketing tool and an extensive Commerce, set by companies in the cloud where the product will be. So, data analysis and the development of mobile applications, such as 40 additional infrastructure services.

"It takes ten years for Amazon," he said. "People create businesses. We can only dream about. "

Maybe. IBM's cloud computing revenue, not to mention the sales in the last quarter with $ 100 million, claiming the lead. It's impressive, he said, revenues from the company to assign categories used included within the software. Recently, IBM has some of the company's revenues, including Soft Layer.

The operation of mechanical limbs, IBM's public cloud, such as, for example IBM's laggard among the top four suppliers to lead cloud computing, new technology as if it were a few large companies, many other areas, for a large part of its business. Soft Layer grew up as, as it is mainly the big purchase was inside each purchase.

IBM threat but a lot of money, its cloud computing resources to throw. And the early ' 90s, when there are significant changes in technology's near-death experience, the experience, the company also quickly changing times.

Big push starts in February, said Crosby, Ginni roommate says IBM from a senior officer, the inauguration of the new site.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM also OpenStacks's proprietary cloud after many of the more than 200 companies and open-source software projects on 400 employees. It refers to the Decade of IBM Linux open source operating system helps the economy seems like a little of our minds and hearts to win.

In addition, the combination of software and online services, "said Mr. Crosby, IBM is" certainly "look, its large mainframe computing to the cloud-based service for sale. It uses the Microsoft Xbox game console and Google network, building operations, he said, has been gaining in technology and business to promote cloud acquisitions, plant knowledge to draw.

"We have a processor rack server for Google," he said, "We have a game where I get. Before I got here, I thought this was a wonderful old technology company; I haven't seen any assets. "

It is true that IBM is large. And technology company. Of course it's survival, a successful process of bio-102. Mr. Crosby is between two companies, romantic woman, Executive Vice Presidents agreed on countless possible futures, but it moves quickly and the opinions.

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